Professional marketing ensures a timely sale at the highest value the market will bear. AeroSolutions' comprehensive marketing plan will effectively promote your aircraft on a worldwide basis. Your aircraft will be advertised in every advertising medium, including but not limited to, trade publications, the internet, mass mailings, email campaigns and telemarketing campaigns. We compliment our extensive advertising by distributing color brochures of your aircraft to all interested parties. Furthermore, we network within the aviation industry to promote your aircraft.

Our aircraft marketing plan includes the following components:

  • Develop a color brochure of your aircraft for worldwide distribution.

  • Advertise your aircraft in the following trade publications:

    • World Aircraft Sales (worldwide publication) 

    • Controller

    • Trade-A-Plane 

    • Aviation Digest

    • Plane Fax

  • Include your aircraft on the Internet on the following Web sites: 

    • AeroSolutions

    • Controller

    • Aircraft Shopper Online 

    • Trade-A-Plane

    • World Aircraft Sales

  • Define a target market for your aircraft based on statistical upgrade trends.

  • Conduct an emailing campaign every four weeks to the selected target market.

  • Conduct a telemarketing campaign to the selected target market as a follow up to the emailing campaign. 

  • Network with other brokers regarding possible sales leads. 

  • List your aircraft in two computerized sales databases (AMSTAT and JETNET).

  • Handle any possible aircraft trade-ins to facilitate the sale.

  • As available, AeroSolutions can provide hangar space for your aircraft while it is being sold at its hangar facility at the Manassas Regional Airport (KHEF). 

Let our sales experience work for you. We will exceed your expectations!


AeroSolutions will assist you in locating the right aircraft for your operational requirements. Through our in-depth research of the market, we provide timely information on the aircraft that are currently available for sale, which may not be found on the open market. 

Our staff is capable of advising and guiding you through the entire acquisition process. The purchase of an aircraft is a complex process and involves many important steps. Market knowledge, excellent management skills and successful negotiations play a key role in this process. The ultimate objective is to purchase the highest quality aircraft at the best value. 

Following is an outline of the service we will provide you with: 

  • Listen to clients needs

  • Advise client of aircraft that will meet mission profile 

  • Find most suitable aircraft, whether it be domestic or abroad 

  • Visit aircraft and review logbooks 

  • Provide client with pictures & analysis of aircraft visited

  • Negotiate terms & conditions at the best market value 

  • Draft Aircraft Purchase Offer 

  • Upon acceptance of offer, execute Aircraft Sales Contract, if necessary.

  • Set up escrow account for refundable deposits, title search and verification of approved FAA documents

  • Manage Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Negotiate items identified at Pre-Purchase Inspection 

  • Accept or reject aircraft

  • Import or export aircraft, if applicable

  • Issue FAA Bill of Sale and Temporary Registration 

  • Ensure proper delivery of aircraft and confirm Title Change free of all liens 

  • Change of registration number, if applicable 

  • Assist with new paint & interior, if necessary. 

Let our market knowledge work for you. We will exceed your expectations!